In partnership with Just Culture, we can provide you the key service to better assess your drivers’ actions.


The Just Culture Assessment Tool aids organizations to understanding and categorize poor employee actions. The flow-chart of questions leads to an in-depth analysis of events that remains consistent across your whole organization. We can help you see the patterns clearly, guaranteeing confidence in your assessments to help develop a culture of safety and learning.

The transparent process documents and evaluates incidents such as; collisions, complaints, poor performance readings from telematics, poor vehicle checking and much more.

The Just Culture Assessment Tool:

  • is an easy-to-use, electronic version of the ground-breaking Just Culture Algorithm™.
  • comes with an Online Advisor to provide real-time assistance, ensuring consistency across your organization.
  • allows you to create, review, save, and audit your secure assessments.

Benefits of the Just Culture Assessment Tool include:

  • A reinforced and consistent model of justice.
  • Clear safety objectives to support learning and improvement.
  • Transparent and invaluable analysis behind your organization’s safety culture and actions in breach
  • of these expectations.
  • Easy to use software reduces the chance of user error and assures accurate assessment.
  • Employees and managers receive clear directives, giving an opportunity for improved learning,
    allowing employees to understand all factors in their assessment.




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