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News and views from Applied Driving Techniques


News and views from
Applied Driving Techniques

December 21, 2018

The Grey Fleet Review

Driving Better for Business has released their review into the nation’s 14 million private vehicles (the so-called ‘Grey Fleet’) that are used for work-related travel. It looks into the associated risks and costs for organisations that operate a grey fleet. It was two years ago when a report first caused a stir by shining a light on what was costing more than £5.5 billion a year in mileage claims and car allowance payments, all the while harming the environment.
December 17, 2018

Nev’s Top Tips: Tyres

Christmas is almost upon us and the temperature has finally dropped after our long summer. On a festive day in December, we spoke again with our Head of Training and Development, Nev Pooley, about his essential tyre tips for winter. “Autumn and winter are the seasons when tyres have to work their hardest, therefore, it’s important to keep on top of tyre maintenance. So let’s clarify a few key points regarding what and why you
SSE Header Image
Applied Driving Techniques (ADT) has won a recent retendering exercise to be appointed as fleet safety partner to leading energy firm SSE Plc. The competitive process saw the driver risk experts reappointed after the original three-year partnership led to significant increase in driver safety, compliance and a reduction in collisions. The project was commended by the safety industry and won the Brake Fleet Safety award. Andy Phillips, ADT’s Global Managing Partner said: “We are delighted with SSE’s decision
RSW Header
Road Safety Week kicks off today and focuses on how we can all become Bike Smart. The leading road safety charity, and Road Safety Week’s creator, Brake, has announced today that motorcyclists and cyclists are 63 times more likely to be killed or seriously injured on our roads. The annual event, which highlights the importance of improving road safety, is calling on drivers to be more ‘Bike Smart’. They ask that drivers slow down, take
Engine Coolant/Antifreeze
Winter is certainly coming with offices around the country commenting, “Gosh, hasn’t it got dark so quickly!” The clocks have changed, Halloween has been and gone, and Christmas is steadily approaching. This week we’ve been speaking to our favourite ADT teammate, Nev, Head of Training and Development. We sat down over a warm cup of tea to discuss the essentials of vehicle maintenance during this chilly season.   “One important vehicle check that is often forgotten at
Driving Blind Header Image
The Driving Blind Campaign is petitioning for ‘direct action’ from the government. They estimate that 3,000 casualties a year occur in the UK in relation to drivers with poor vision. This costs the UK approximately £33 million a year. Lack of Legislation As it stands, the UK’s law on poor vision and driving is basic at best. All you need to pass your driving test is to read a number plate at 20 metres. There is